I will tell you what's going on in Deanshanger if someone tells ME!!

Message*: Hi,
I have been looking for many years now and think you might be able to assist
me. You have information about Deanshanger Oxides Ltd. And my father
purchased some product from this company but l have no information what is
in the bags l have in storage. Maybe someone can help me. The information on
the product is WR&P 2182 DEANOX RED A R2E 90016. I hope someone can help me.

Date Time*: 28/10/2014


Hi Ken.

Deanshanger Playing Field Sports Club

1st Nov 2014

 This coming Saturday we have a charity event in aid of Alzheimer's. Listed below is the running order. We would appreciate these details put on your website. 

Thanks Graham 

This is the band running order and details for 1st November.

Rufus Stone 12-12.40
Then circus act 12.40-1*
Curvy Love Dogz 1-1.40
Eliza& partner dancing 1.40-2*
Nicky Prince 2-2.40
Circus act 2.40-3*
Ellie Rae 3-3.40
The Rapides 3.45 -4.30
Ed Jones 4.30-5
Mad Mods 5-5.40
Aly & Andy 5.45- 6.15
Sing and Perform 6.15- 7*
Caz Tricks poem- 7-7.15
Steve Winch 7.15- 7.45
Fire show-7.45 - 8.15 ish* on the field
Raffle and auction 8.20 - 9.30
The Bighead 9.30-10.15
Speeches and thank yous 10.15- 10.40
Estrella's 10.45 - 11.30

We'll put all the acoustic acts on the trailer and bands inside. There may be some circus bits on the trailer at the same time as bands inside, jugglers etc.

We have stalls to go in the marquee... cakes, circus toys, books, jewellery and Christmas crafts, plus sweets and popcorn 
There will be a bouncy castle and you are providing the BBQ 

Raffle and auction prizes include....
Signed Red Bull Racing canvas
Signed proof copy of Terry Pratchett's last book
Henry Hoover
Wake boarding lessons
Tom Petty Anthology
Signed Culture Club Album
Gym membership for Virgin
Gym membership for Shenley
Meat Hamper
Custom handmade kids cajon drum
Signed Carol Matthews novel
From The Jam gig tickets
London restaurant meal for 2
Giant Teddy
French shopping bag full of goodies
Plus much more...


Another from Michael Burgess (The Bethany Hall)

I remember going to the hall and climbing the big tree (and it being cut down)


Romantic comedy and can be found at the
following link:



now open in Osier Way Buckingham MK18 1TG 

on the Swan Business Park (off the A421 ring road)

Roll on ALDI at Wolverton


You've lost it

As you will never see it again

DCP00015.jpg (70996 bytes) DCP00016.jpg (71131 bytes) DCP00017.jpg (52566 bytes) DCP00019.jpg (62975 bytes) Kay&Peter.jpg (69464 bytes)


Sundays 2:00 to 5:00 pm

Irish Eye Henry Wymbs brings you interviews, music and fun with an Irish flavour, including your messages, events, requests and dedications.  95.2 FM



Harry S Roberts Special Gentís Safety Bicycle


                              Bus Timetables   


NEW TIMETABLE From 02nd March 2014

Bus1 89.jpg (36660 bytes)  Bus 16914.jpg (240862 bytes)  Stagecoach.jpg (373245 bytes)
Use the above to Stony Stratford then change!!!!

NEW SUNDAY Bus service

Tesco Mereway  Northampton Free Bus  

Tesco Bus.jpg (46901 bytes)


Ridgmont1934.jpg (1586276 bytes) Ridgmont Map.jpg (319283 bytes) DeansMap.jpg (222170 bytes)

Ridgmont 1934 the plan before Ridgmont was built  it shows the houses that were demolished as unfit and the need for new houses  

First picture came by way of the late C. Ridgeway before his death

Second picture L Deards                            



This site is well worth a visit          


Deanshanger  and  Passenham   


  Passenham Deanshanger and Northants


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