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How's things in good old Deanshanger. I was just looking at some photos. Mick's 
pictures, there is one taken outside the Fox, you have names for everyone except 
the two on the left bottom row. Well I can tell you who they are, does anyone 
remember 'Camera Jack" who used to bring the silent films to the Memorial Hall? 
Well the lady on the left is his wife, their last name was Robinson, the lady 
next to her is her daughter Dorothy "Dot" as she was known. They came from 
Haversham. Dot worked with me at Tilley's coal office off the old Wolverton road 
from 1955 - 1960, Mrs Eatseel for is next to her in the photo was our Supervisor 
at the time. Dot married an Irishman by the name of Emmett Meagher and moved to 
Newport. She is a widow now I think and lives back in Old Wolverton. Hope this 

I will be back home this summer so hope to see you.

Jackie (Tapp)

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D.W.Smiths Alf Bull remembered this shop it did groceries and sweets 

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